7 Tips For Making A Japanese Garden

japanesse garden

I am often asked how easy it is to make a Japanese garden and the truth is if you want to do it correctly and true to tradition, it is not simple. Japanese garden is a precise business and great fun. I have chosen 7 essential areas to take on board and put into practice to make your design ideas authentic and accurate.

Lots of people find Japanese gardens fascinating as you will know if you have ever been to one. Not many people have large area of land to design for and build in so the good news is that you can make a Japanese garden in whatever space that you have available however large or small. The fundamentals are important and do have to be understood correctly to make the difference between a half-hearted design effort and a truly accurate garden. Everything in a Japanese garden is there for a reason and this article contains seven things that you should pay very close attention to.

  1. Historical and religious symbolism is crucial. History is so very important in Japanese gardens and if you wish to have a ‘design’ accurate garden you need to understand these principles.
  2. Serenity is so important,silence is an ingredient to be respected.
  3. Landscapes are copied from real life into miniature form, the finest examples of this type of design can be seen in Japan.It is easy with a little searching on the internet to find images of these types of garden and my blog has some good pictures.
  4. You will probably consider rocks for your garden. That’s great but remeber you can’t just put them anywhere you like.Stones and rocks have to be certain types and used according to their meaning.
  5. You may spend a lot of time getting rid of moss at home but in a Japanese garden it is a very important.
  6. Building a Japanese garden can be done in a small spce or a much larger one. To be honest the most popular types being designed and built today are at private homes. Let’s face it a small garden that is serene and a haven of peace and quiet is very appealing.
  7. Smallmounds symbolise mountains- copying is big in the world of Japanese gardens.Small replica landscapes are particularly beautiful.

As with anything it’s a question of where to start and how to do it and you will need to do some research and read up about the subject. After all, there is no point doing something unless you show diligence and do it correctly when designing and making a Japanese garden.

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