A Brief Lesson On Raising An Organic And Natural Garden

In previous times, people grew fruits, crops and vegetables on farm using natural fertilizers. Although it was a slow process but the quality of food grown through this method is what one desires for. With the improvement in science and technology, new methods and techniques to grow crops were quickly invented. With the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, chemical sprays, the land today is all set for growing after few hours of treatment and the speed with which crops grow has remarkably shortened. Unfortunately, fruits, vegetables and other crops grown by application of new methodology appear to be as good in shape, colour and size as those grown by our parents but, the taste and nutrition value has dropped.

It now recognized that newly adopted methods for growing vegetables and fruits artificially is not healthy for our body. This rationality has compelled many to hop rapidly to the genuine method of growing crops and vegetables which demands more time and energy with the cost of an optimal output. This has also increased considerably the number of people who prefer buying small pieces of land and then sowing seeds manually in a natural manner using artificial fertilizers. To protect their crops against a possible attack from insects, animals such as hens, sheep and dogs are used. Such a farm which has the tendency to grow food in accordance with nature is called an organic garden.

The following paragraphs encompass the tips and tricks which may prove fruitful for your small scale organic garden.

First of all, determine which kind of climate you have in your area and then do a little search on the fruits and vegetables which can be grown successfully under these weather conditions. Prepare your garden soil well before sowing-make sure that the soil belongs to the category of loam. This is because loam has good capacity to hold water and roots and is manageable.

A natural insect repellent is a must-to-have object for your organic garden. If some crushed mint leaves are placed in the corner of a garden, it is highly unlikely that an insect would come near to your soil. But the mint leaves can only act as a shielding against pests from stepping into your garden- they don’t kill them. To toss them off once and for all, you will need to use a vaporous substance such as eucalyptus, which is rated as one of the best repellents available.

Brand fertilizers available in market do not contribute towards a substantial outcome when it comes to adding fertilizer. Since majority of plantation is done in alkaline medium, adding water to the soil does your job. However, Potassium and crushed banana peels are quite congenial for plant growth.

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