A Few Details Of An Electric Lawn Mower

There is perhaps one thing that every homeowner can count on, and that is with sufficient sunlight, water, and fertilizer, grass will grow – and keep on growing. What some people might not know is that there are lawn mowers that do not run on gasoline. The electric lawn mower is very environmentally friendly. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider this type of mower.

Over the years technology has greatly improved the rechargeable battery, and there is no longer a need to have a long extension cord in order to operate an electric lawn mower. These highly advanced cordless wonders operate off a typical 24V rechargeable battery, and there are units that have 36V of power.

If you have ever handled gas cans, you know how easily they spill. Having an electric mower means no more spilling gas all over you and the mower, or worrying about your mower running out of gas half way through the job. And, bearing in mind how much gasoline costs, an electric mower becomes a much more affordable alternative.

Electric mowers have a health benefit as well. People who suffer from respiratory conditions do not have to breathe the exhaust fumes from an electric mower. No fumes, no combustion, less heat, all make it much more comfortable to mow the lawn. Plus, your neighbors will certainly appreciate the quieter operation of your electric mower.

Electric mowers have the same basic design as their fuel powered counterparts. They feature a typical side or rear discharge system for the grass clippings. They also use mulching blades, so you can use them to mulch those never-ending Fall leaves instead of raking them.

There might possibly be nothing that is more maintenance free than an electric lawn mower. It uses no oil, so you don’t have to change the oil or filter. There is no air intake, so there is no air filter to change. A cordless mower does not have any maintenance, other than keeping it charged up.

Another nice feature of the electric mower is not having to wear ear plugs. They are so quiet you can mow the yard early in the morning without waking the neighborhood… and still get in a few hours of your favorite sport.

You will be impressed with how easy an electric mower is to operate. They are lighter weight, easy to assemble, and very easy to clean.

Another major consideration… an electric mower helps protect the environment.

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